When & Where: Köln, 2018/2019

What: In the clubhouse, people like to think about new things, toss around and bring visions to life together. It was to be expected that the move to a new space (together with two partner companies) of the agency was used internally to develop future-oriented office planning together with the employees. After all, what use is the most beautiful New Work concept if it is slipped over - and not accepted in the end !? In systematic interviews, first the needs and goals of all clubhouse employees were analyzed. Who works how? Who needs something? How often rest, concentration, how many meetings, how often space for lateral thinking ... The result: Detailed work profiles. The perfect starting point to bring the tailor-made dream office to life in follow-up workshops with everyone. At least on paper, with PostIts and with the help of wild collagen. The results of the team workshops and requirement profiles formed the ideal basis for our planning.


Fotos: Frank van Groen Photography