A Floorlamp with the soul of nature


What: A floor lamp that serves as both reading lamp and mood light. Reduced to the essentials, it is simple to operate and creates an interplay of light and shadow that never ceases to appeal to the senses with its changing forms. The central zylinder of the lampshade is fixed in place and houses the dimmable bulb (bulb holder G9; halogen/ LED max. 60W). The user can interact with the product by moving the position of the top and bottom sections. The user can interact with the product by moving the position of the top and bottom sections.

Material: Aluminium & Steel, white painted

Measurements: 162 x 22.8 x 22.8 cm

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A unique view of nature


What: The sideboard CALM is part of the collection LANDSCAPES. The idea was to translate photos of landscapes in watercolor drawings and then transform them into shapes, colours and materials of the new products. It was particularly important to me to transport the liveliness of nature into the product. The idea was to translate the richness of nuances of nature into colours and materials and to grant a view into nature.

Material: ash, leather grip

Store Availability: Will be produced on request (delivery time 8-12 weeks).


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Lively and elegant


What: Occasional tables which bring your home to life. The curvate shapes remember of the nature and its perfection in imperfection.

Material: lava stone with ceramic overglaze, brass

Store Availability: individual item / Will be produced on request ( delivery time 8 -10 weeks)



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Bookshelf as sculpture


What: What would be a wall without a shelf? With an almost sculptural character the shelf „steady“ leans at the wall and is ready to serve the books of the house. In two heights and two materials, you can make it either combine or act as a single piece.

Material: white painted steel sheet (3mm) or solid oak (25mm), measurements: 100 x 60 x 40 cm / 150 x 60 x 40 cm

Store Availability: will be produced on request (delivery time 4-6 weeks)


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A sidetable, whose clear cut design expresses a dynamic but yet classic appearance. The node is milled from a solid wood block and is connected to the legs.


Material: oiled oak, white painted MDF

Measurements: 65 x 48 x 48cm

Store availability: will be produced on request (delivery time 8-12 weeks)



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Give away creativity!


You know someone who wants to change his rooms, renovate or make new acquisitions?

Anyone looking for exceptional furniture, decorative items or antique pieces?

Then give away a voucher that can be used as well for consulting services as for furnishings from our range.


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